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Volunteering at KSD is an amazing way join a mindful community, all helps are greatly appreciated.

Why volunteer with us?

If you want:

✓  To help others

✓  To gain skills and training

✓  Work experience or to ‘try out’ a new career

✓  To make a difference

✓  To build confidence and self esteem

✓  To share ideas with other like-minded people

✓  To join an organisation that tackles issues that matter

✓  A commitment to a cause

✓  To make new friends and feel part of a team

✓  Recognition and feeling good about yourself

✓  To improve interpersonal communication

✓  To gain a work reference


Then this is the right place for you!

Tomatillo Plant

Lark T.

Gardening volunteer

“I have been volunteering in the garden at Samye since last October and it’s such a lovely place to come to, there’s a kind and warm atmosphere, good conversation and food and everybody who works and volunteers there really look out for each other. I have found it profoundly helpful to my mental health not only in terms of giving back but also working in the garden, talking with friends in the cafe and learning more about mindfulness and how to bring those practices into daily life.”

Roles available

Volunteer Gardener

Volunteer Cafe Assistant

Volunteer Administration Assistant

Volunteer Marketing Assistant

Maintenance and Housekeeping Volunteer

Can't find a role that suits you?

Don't worry! You can still apply,

there are many volunteering opportunities at the centre,

please let us know more about yourself by filling out the form below,

we may have a role that's just right for you.

Yellow Flowers

So what happens now?

Once we received your application, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Recruitment will usually involve an informal interview, application form and the taking of references.

If you have any questions, welcome to get in touch:

Volunteer coordinator


Tel: 02920 228040 


  • “I really need a paid job.”
    We need to know this is what you are looking for. We can only offer work experience which may give you the experience you need when applying for a job. So many organisations are looking for people with experience.
  • “I haven’t worked for a long time.”
    That is OK. We will train you as well as give you full support. If you are worried about who you can use as references for your application form, you will be able to use a friend for a character reference.
  • “I have to look after my relative or child.”
    You can choose the hours you wish to work as a volunteer, so it fits in with your time schedule.
  • “If I claim benefits, will they be affected if I become a volunteer?”
    Volunteering may affect your eligibility to claim some benefits. You must let the Job Centre know that you are volunteering, so you can have better understanding of the conditions of your benefit. We will be able to give you a letter to support this.
  • “I am a student.”
    We welcome young people to volunteer.
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