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Meditation Instructors

Lorraine Harris

Meditation Instructor and Director of Kagyu Samye Dzong, Cardiff. Lorraine  has been given permission to run Buddhist meditation classes at the centre by Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche and has been meditating for over 35 years.

Anthony Harris

Meditation Instructor and Diretcor of Kagyu Samye Dzong, Cardiff. Anthony has been given permission to run Buddhist meditation classes at the centre by Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche. Anthony has been a meditator for over 40 years.

Soothing Bell

Mindfulness Trainers

Rosina Morrison

Rosina has been sharing mindfulness teaching for about 10 years. She trained as a tutor with the Mindfulness Association and completed a Diploma in Mindfulness Studies with the University of Aberdeen. She is a member of BAMBA (the British Assocaition of Mindfulness -based Approaches) and adheres to their ethical framework. Her background as a counsellor was one of the threads that led her into sharing mindfulness and compassion. She has offered courses with the Mindfulness Association and in a range of settings.

Byron Harris

Byron is a trained practitioner in mindfulness methods, having studied with the Mindfulness Association, MiSP and Youth Mindfulness. He is an experienced trainer, tutor and therapist, having worked in private practice, EAPs and in schools with every age group.

The services Byron offers are rooted in trauma-informed practices, built on a foundation of emotional safety, comfort and understanding. He works to identify and understand connections between emotional wellbeing and physical health, to help foster a healthier and happier life.

Byron’s expertise lies in creating an environment where clients feel safe and supported, no matter what the individual wellbeing goals are. Whether wanting to reduce stress, gain a better understanding of their creativity, strengthen relationships, explore more achievable goals, etc., Byron is there to support. And it is not just with one-on-one sessions.

He also offers mindfulness and counselling workshops and courses, delivering a range of mindful practices and resources to instil positive emotions, improved focus, and clarity. Through Byron’s workshops, clients will be empowered to better understand and manage mental and emotional turmoil, while also learning valuable life skills.

With Byron Harris’ well-being services, you will learn valuable standing points and techniques that improve your emotional health and physical wellbeing. Engage in a safe environment, with a passionate and knowledgeable professional, to help transition stresses and struggles into a more positive and rewarding life.  Make a positive change towards a healthier and happier you.

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